Dream of: 16 September 1981 "The Boy In The Book"

While living in my own little house (which had a garage connected to it), I was thinking about stealing a brand-new white van which my next door neighbor had bought. I thought that after I stole the van, I could change the license tags and then one day I could just drive away in the van.

So I put the plan into operation. I stole the van one night and hid it in my garage. The next day, however, I felt terrible because I knew I had done something wrong.

I had begun reading a book in which the same type of thing had happened. It was a story about a boy who had stolen a car.

I began thinking I couldn't keep the van and I knew I was going to get into trouble. I finally decided I would tell my father about it and ask him what to do.

Meanwhile I continued reading the book -- the boy in the book did the same thing I was thinking of doing: he went to his father, told him he had done something terrible, and asked his father if he could talk with him about it. The boy told his father it would be a thousand times better to tell him what he had done than not to tell him. His father told him that of course he could tell him. So the boy in the book confessed to his father that he had stolen a car.

His father immediately became upset and replied in a rather nasty way that he was ashamed of the boy. The father didn't try to help his son and the father implied that nothing was left between them.

After reading the story, I was unsure whether I should tell my father I had stolen the van.

I was feeling absolutely terrible. I was crying and I felt as if I were in a hopeless situation. I dejectedly thought about how stupid I had been to steal the van. I had the van now, however, and I had to do something with it, but I simply didn't know what to do.

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