Dream of: 13 September 1981 "Borrowed Car And Motorcycle"

While I was in Portsmouth, Ohio, Denise (a Portsmouth girl with whom I had a short relationship when we were teenagers in 1970) let me borrow her old green car to take out two young girls I had met. After taking the girls to the Scioto Breeze drive-in, I got into the middle of the back seat with both. The girl on my right seemed to be my actual date and the one on my left seemed to be her friend. I began kissing the girl on my left and gradually began letting my hands roam over her body. I began feeling her breasts, slipped my hand under her dress and brought it up between her legs. Gradually, I managed to take off all her clothes. I also took off my clothes and then lay on top of her. We began having intercourse and she told me she was a virgin. I began thinking about how many virgins I had had sex with and concluded that she was the fourth one.

I moved my head over to the other girl and began kissing her. When I did that, the girl I was having sex with became upset and she didn't seem to think I should be having sex with her and kissing the other girl at the same time.

I told her I didn't want to completely neglect the other girl. Both girls became unhappy about the situation.

We stayed out all night; I took the girls home the next morning. They lived next door to Denise's house, which was the house in which Carol Walls (a woman I met in Portsmouth around 1967) used to live on Jackson Avenue. When we arrived there, Denise and her father were sitting on the front porch of Denise's house next door. Denise and her father walked to the car and asked me if I had put water in the radiator. Apparently I was supposed to have done so. I said, "No, I forgot."

They were afraid the engine might have burned up. I told them I didn't think so, because the car had been running just fine. I turned off the car and then turned it back on again to show them. It started right up.

Denise looked in the radiator to see if she could see any water. She said she couldn't see any.

They decided to put oil in the car. But for some reason they couldn't check the oil because I hadn't put water in the car. I said, "Well, just put a couple of quarts in, and that'll be enough." They agreed.

I had some clothes and five or six towels in the car. I began taking all my belongings out of the car, because Denise's father wanted to use the car immediately. I told him he was lucky I had brought the car back then because I had planned to bring it back later.

 Charlie Samuels (a high school classmate) was also living in the same house as Denise. He had a motorcycle which I agreed to rent from him for $35 for three days.

I had ten ounces of marijuana which I had bought from someone. I planned to take the marijuana some place and sell it. I needed the motorcycle for transportation. I decided to leave nine ounces in Denise's house. I took the other ounce with me and left on the motorcycle.

I encountered Phil Waddell (another high school classmate). I decided I wasn't going to need the motorcycle for the entire ten days. I told Waddell I would let him have it for the duration for only $10. He thought about it for awhile. He said he had once ridden a motorcycle to Texas; I told him I had once ridden one to Florida.

Finally I returned to Denise's house. When I arrived, I told someone to go in and fetch my marijuana for me. They went in and came back to tell me it wasn't there.

Someone had stolen it. But it didn't bother me, because I realized I wouldn't have to bother with it anymore.

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