Dream of: 10 September 1981 "Wild Herd Of Deer"

I was asking Angus McSwain about a pledge (about which I had just learned) which law students were required to take at the end of their first year of law school. (We were talking in Spanish.) McSwain seemed shocked that I was asking him these questions now and that I hadn't heard about the pledge earlier. I told him I could ask someone else if he didn't have the time to tell me.

Apparently, however, he had decided to tell me about the pledge. We were in a car. We pulled away from where we had been sitting and drove by the Shawnee State University. Some other people were also in the car. (They were in the process of making the pledge.) I mentioned to them that I had gone to college there my first two years when the school had been a branch of Ohio University.

We continued driving until we reached the Gallia County Farm where we found what appeared to be a little race track. As we drove around the track, the other people got out of the car and buried wads of money at points along the track.

Each person had to make a pledge that if he violated any laws, he would lose all the money he had buried in the race track. If he didn't have any money to bury, and if he were convicted of any crime, then he would have to serve double the regular sentence for the crime. This all was part of a special law for lawyers.

I hadn't made the pledge yet, but I was preparing to. Before I did, McSwain walked off through the woods leading a large herd of deer! The deer raced through the woods in a frenzy; I followed them.

In the forest we reached the entrance to a little road which had a little fence consisting of one metal bar across it. McSwain raised the bar and the deer raced through. On the other side of the fence, the road sloped sharply downward; the deer stampeded down the slope. At the bottom of the slope was a small creek about ankle deep. The deer splashed through to the other side. Now I realized we were in the large field which stretches out in front of the Farmhouse. I could see the Farmhouse almost a kilometer away.

Right after coming out of the creek, the deer ran into a large briar patch. The deer went through the briars without difficulty; but when I attempted to go through the briars, I had difficulty. Briars were catching me all over; I had trouble freeing myself.

While I was occupied in the briar patch, the deer raced on ahead of me toward the Farmhouse. I was apprehensive as to what the deer might do when they reached the Farmhouse. Something was wrong here: I feared the deer might kill my grandmother Mabel, who might be in the Farmhouse. I thought my step-grandfather Clarence was on another part of the Farm.

I looked up toward one of the far hills; I could see what looked like a white trail of smoke. I thought it was a person or deer running across snow.

I looked up; the herd of deer headed for the house had turned around. There were more deer than ever now and they were running straight toward me. Were they going to try to kill me?

I backed up toward the briars. In my hand I had a large thorn like those that grow on locust trees. As one deer came toward me, I fended it off with the thorn. I fended off the deer a couple more times. To my side was Symmes Creek, which was well over my head. I jumped into the creek and went completely under the water. When I surfaced, the whole herd was running more or less straight toward me.

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