Dream of: 09 September 1981 (4) "Wedding Invitation"

While in Portsmouth, I decided to call Ellen. I called Ellen's mother and asked her if Ellen was there. Her mother said she wasn't there, so I asked her when Ellen would be back. When she replied that she didn't know exactly when Ellen would be back, I said something like, "Look, it's about 8 p.m. now. Tell her I'll call back about 9 if she comes in."

Then her mother said something to the effect, "Wait just a minute. She just came in."

A minute later Ellen came to the phone and said, "Hi."

I said hello and asked her what was new. She told me Pam was going to get married that day. I tried to remember who Pam was and began looking at a book lying in front of me opened to the table of contents. The book appeared to be some sort of history book. Several chapter headings contained Pam's name and described various activities of Pam, but I still couldn't remember exactly who Pam was. I finally concluded that Pam was a girl whom I had barely known around 1972. She had a brother named Steve. When I mentioned to Ellen that I also saw the brother Steve's name in the table of contents, Ellen responded, "Yes, it's true. She went to bed with her brother."

Ellen mentioned another incident when Pam's brother had placed a pair of panties inside Pam's bra. Later when Pam had been at school, she had pulled the panties out while she was in the toilet and everyone in the toilet had seen them.

At first I didn't understand whether Pam was already married or was going to be married, but I finally realized that Pam was going to be married at 10 o'clock that night. I asked Ellen whom Pam was marrying and she told me he was a businessman from the neighboring town of New Boston, Ohio. I had difficulty believing that Pam was going to marry a businessman since I knew that Pam was so young. It was hard to believe she was actually an adult.

Apparently Ellen and her first husband were going to go to the wedding. She said I could go, but I thought I only had one sports coat which really wasn't appropriate. Besides, I really didn't want to go.

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