Dream of: 09 September 1981 (2) "Earthquake"

The buildings in downtown Portsmouth were colossal, perhaps 50 stories tall, and there seemed to be many more buildings than usual. But something far more unusual than the size and number of the buildings was apparent the entire downtown, with all its structures, was somehow being disturbed. The buildings were actually moving, sliding from their original locations, grinding down the street. As I stood in the middle of the street and watched, I was amazed as a tall building slid past. I could even see the faces of people in the windows of the edifice.

When Marting's Department store (the major store downtown) began sliding along the street, part of the building overhanging the thoroughfare fell off with a thundering crash. If the store fell apart, I wondered, what would happen to all the merchandise inside. I figured the store had already been abandoned and that everything left inside would probably be destroyed. Perhaps I should enter and look for some new clothes; I could take whatever I found. I was unsure whether I would like a new pair of dress pants or a pair of blue jeans, but I thought I would prefer jeans. Perhaps I would also pick up a new pair of boots. But fortunately I just stood in the street and I didn't actually go inside, because just a few minutes later, the entire building tottered and toppled over.

Another building followed sliding down the street First Federal Savings. I could also see people in the windows of this building.

Other people standing around me on the street were becoming agitated. When I noticed four overweight women standing together, one with a loudspeaker, I divined that they belonged to a religious group and that they planned to spout religion over the loudspeaker. Provoked by this idea, I stormed over to them and demanded they allow me to speak on their loudspeaker. I then cried out, "Why is this happening?"

When the women ranted something in response, I answered, "Why do you think this is happening? Is this the work of God? Is God moving the buildings? No, God is not moving the buildings. This is an earthquake."

By now, buildings were shifting all around me, and large chunks were spinning into the street. Noticing a man standing near me, I thought if a piece of one of the buildings were to fall on him and crush him, I would be splattered with blood. And then it happened: a hunk of one of the buildings fell and crushed the man and blood splashed over me.

Realizing how dangerous the immediate area was becoming, I briskly crossed the street to a small park which looked relatively secure. Although a tall building might possibly fall and hit the park, I felt safer here than where I had been.

Once I was in the park, my viewpoint seemed to change, so I was looking down on myself, watching myself from outside of myself. I observed a pretty woman (perhaps 30 years old) walk up to me in the park and address me. Although I recognized the woman, I hadn't seen her in a long time. When she wrapped her arms around me, we sank down together into the grass. As we lay next to each other and talked, I told her how much I had missed her. She replied that it didn't matter anymore, that it didn't hurt anymore. I told her she was correct, that it didn't matter anymore, but that nevertheless I had missed her.

As we passionately embraced, I reached down, slipped my hand under her dress and brought it up between her legs. Managing to slide my hand inside her panties, I murmured, "I bet you have the sweetest little pussy."

She cooed, "You better believe it."

As I started to ease my fingers inside her vagina, she moaned, "Now we shouldn't be doing this here."

I answered, "I know, but ..."

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