Dream of: 09 September 1981 "Underwater"

I thought I was in a crime class being taught by professor Wendorf, but actually I was sitting on the back of a bushhog being driven by my step-grandfather Clarence. He was giving some kind of class. Oddly, we were on a lake. Clarence decided to go to another part of the lake to give the class. He sped up and the tractor acted like a boat pulling the bushhog. At first we went so fast I had difficulty holding on, but then I put down my head so I wouldn't be blown off. We continued across the lake and gradually I felt myself slipping off the bushhog.

Finally we arrived at a place close to the bank. Clarence slowed down. I stuck out my foot into the water and touched bottom. The water was about waist deep.

I had a cord or rope or chain. Clarence made a sudden turn and I slipped off into the water. My cord became tangled up underneath the bushhog. I screamed out and then I went under water. Clarence looked back and saw what had happened. He jumped into the water and tried to reach me. Other students were there and they likewise jumped into the water after Clarence shouted to them.

Under the water, I thought I could just save myself if I wanted to, but since I knew the others were coming for me, I thought I would just remain still until they reached me. I stayed under the water for awhile, but no one reached me. I knew though that they had to be nearby, and I thought maybe I should reach out and grab one of their legs. But it was just a thought and I didn't actually reach out. I just waited for someone to save me.

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