Dream of: 08 September 1981 "Avocado Business"

While I was being driven around Columbus in a taxi,  a woman in  the taxi began talking to the driver about her son,  and said he  was  working as a dishwasher in Columbus.  As we drove  by  a large,  desolate,  brick building, the taxi driver pointed it out and  said the woman's son was working there.  I thought it was  a Penny's store.

I  then  got out of the taxi and got into another brand  new   car,  which  I began driving.  I was in the business  of  selling avocados.

I  had  a  list of different addresses throughout  the  city which I was trying to find.  At the moment I was looking for both High Street and Summit Street.  The addresses were of people who wanted to buy avocados. As of yet, I hadn't found any of them. I  spent almost  an  hour  driving around  trying  to  find  one particular address. I didn't know the streets and drove like a madman,  swerving  in and out of traffic. At one  point,  I  went around  a curve and a girl stepped out in front of me. I swerved just  in time to miss hitting her. I continued traveling up and down long, curvy streets.

Finally I stopped to talk with a man (about 40 years old).  He was in the same business and apparently was my boss.

I  had a new issue of Playboy magazine with me which  I  had recently  bought.  I was looking at the cover trying to find the bunny  trademark.  Then  my  boss  said he  wanted  to  read  the magazine.  I said, no, that I had just bought it and hadn't yet had a chance to read it myself. But then I thought, "I don't need this  junk," and I gave it to him, without  even  having  looked inside it. He took it and left.

Then  I  drove on and finally found the address I  had  been looking for. I sold one avocado for 50 cents.

I  then returned to my place of business and encountered  my boss. I told him I had sold an avocado for 50 cents. We had an avocado  there  which  we cut open  and  began  eating. It  was delicious.  It  was one of the large kind which grow  in  Puerto Rico, and not like the ones I had seen in Texas.

The  person  to whom I had sold the avocado called next  and said he wanted to buy five more. I began calculating that I really wasn't making any money. I was buying the avocados at three for one dollar and was selling them for only  50  cents apiece. Plus I had to pay for the gas in order to deliver them.

The  boss and I began taking and we decided we were going to have  to begin charging seventy nine cents for  each  avocado.  I told  him I didn't want to call the fellow back up and tell  him of  the  price change since I had just sold him one  avocado for 50 cents.  I told him to call the man back up and tell him the five  avocados  were  going  to cost seventy  nine  cents  apiece instead of 50 cents.

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