Dream of: 05 September 1981 "Bomb In The Parachute"

Carolyn, Walls, Courtney (a male law student) and I were in the House in New Boston. Courtney was asking me one question after the other about when the House had been built and how long I had been living here. I didn't want to answer his questions right now because I wanted to be alone with Carolyn. Finally I told Courtney that Carolyn and I were leaving. Before I left, however, I asked Walls if he would mind cleaning up the kitchen table where he had been eating. He said he would.

Carolyn and I walked outside and jumped into a truck which I had parked in front of the House. We decided to leave, but then changed our minds and went back into the House.

After going inside, we went to the bedroom and crawled under a cover on the bed. Carolyn now seemed more like a balloon than a person. The balloon was about 30 centimeters in diameter and was blue. I held the balloon up to my face and kissed it. Covering the balloon was a thin layer of nylon like cloth. Feeling the balloon was very pleasant.

I continued the affair with the balloon for awhile, but finally stopped because a program which I needed to watch had come on a television in the room. I had a tape recorder with me and I wanted to record the program.

A man came on the screen. He was at a race track and was describing the race there. Suddenly a picture on the screen showed a wreck. The man continued narrating as the picture was being shown. On the screen was the picture of a parachute. The narrator described how the man who had had the car wreck had jumped out of the car, how the parachute had opened and how it had been pulled up by a gust of wind into the air. I watched as the parachute rose into the air. Suddenly a bomb which had been in the middle of the parachute exploded and created a large hole. The entire parachute along with the helpless man hanging onto it plummeted toward earth. The parachute crashed into a tree and hung there. The man had obviously been killed.

I turned around and looked into the room where Walls was. My father was also now in the House. He was in one room and Walls was in the kitchen farther away. The whole House, I then noticed, was filling up with smoke. After running into the kitchen where Walls was, I saw that he had been cooking something and had let it burn. He had a pot with some kind of meat and stew in front of him. I looked into it and saw black smoke billowing out. Walls said he was sorry.

My father called me into the other room. He had another small pot in front of him. Apparently it likewise had burned at one time and he wanted to show me how to clean it out.

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