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Dream of: 26 July 1981 "Texan History"

I was at a meeting on the Baylor University campus. Several men and women were sitting around. A man was standing up front talking about something which had to do with sex. He asked a woman in the back a question about having sex, and she answered, "No."

The man asked her why, and she answered, "They wouldn't do it because then a man would think they were too easy."

I walked out and walked around until I ran into a girl who looked as if she were Japanese. I spoke to her; we walked to a bench and sat down. She sat at one end while I sat at the other. She was about a half meter away from me.

In front of us stood a building about two or three stories high. The building looked like a ship facing us. I could look down the length of both sides of the ship and see the windows which ran along the top of the hull. I could even see through the windows; many statues were inside. The statues were all arranged in order and were obviously commemorating Texan history. People were walking around inside, peeking around to look at the statues. It looked like a museum.

I said something to the girl about its being cold. She scooted over next to me. I put my arms around her and she put her arms around me. Only a few people were nearby. We were very close; she had put her hand on top of my penis. She unzipped my pants, stuck her hand inside and began stroking my penis. I became instantly aroused. She continued stroking me until I finally pushed her away and said, "No, stop."

She didn't understand and she still held on. I broke loose from her; but it was too late; I immediately ejaculated. It was a gigantic ejaculation; sperm seemed to be going all over the place. She was looking at my face and she still didn't realize what had happened. Then I felt some of the sperm had shot up onto my eyebrow. I pulled her over close to me and said, "I ejaculated."

She said, "Ejaculacion?"

The way she pronounced the word, it sounded like a foreign word.

I seemed to have sperm all over me; she said, "This is a bit messy now."

She wasn't angry, but she didn't know quite what to think and she pushed herself away from me. I thought she was from Japan and I asked her where she was from. When she answered, I thought she said Panama. I responded, "Panama?"

She said no and she answered again. This time it sounded like "Manama." Perhaps she was trying to say "Havana." I was still unsure. She didn't look as if she were from Latin America; she looked as if she were from the Orient.

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