Dream of: 24 July 1981 "Venom Through My Leg"

I had been in my Cabin and had walked down to the Gallia County Farmhouse. My grandmother Mabel was there; apparently she was going to go to Waverly to see someone. I thought she would pass through Rosemount near Portsmouth; since I wanted to go to Portsmouth to buy some marijuana, I thought she might be able to give me a ride there and pick me back up later. I asked her if she was going to take the bypass and she said, "No, if you want to go, we can go through Portsmouth."

It seemed to me that a woman who reminded me of Mrs. Milam (an old woman who lived near the Farm) lived on the neighboring farm and that she was my landlady. Mabel asked me about the woman's age; Mabel wanted to know if she was older than herself. I answered, "Yea she's about three years older. But you know her better than I do."

My step-grandfather Clarence was also there; he seemed to think it would be all right for Mabel to drive to Waverly without him. Mabel had a large red car and I said, "Well I'll just drive the car for you."

I climbed into the driver's seat of the car, Mabel boarded the passenger side and we drove off across the bridge and down the road. I noticed in the bottom across from the House a big birdhouse on top of a pole. I also noticed the top of one of the trees had been cut off; perhaps someone hunting raccoons had done it. Some other trees had also been cut down along Symmes Creek. I mentioned to Mabel that they ought to do something about those hunters.

The road suddenly became steep and bumpy. I was going fast; I began having trouble and ran off the road headed right toward the creek. But I reached out my arm, grabbed a tree and pulled the car back around. We swung back onto the road but now we were headed in the opposite direction. I still didn't have good control of the car and we ran off the road again down the side of the bank almost to the creek. The car was wrecked and I was unsure what to do. Apparently Mabel had slipped out of the car because I saw she was back up the road a ways.

I then noticed lying on the bank a snake about three meters long. It was very thick (probably twice as thick as my arm) and looked like a rattlesnake. I began thinking I might use the snake as an excuse for wrecking. I could say the snake bit me before I wrecked and had caused me to wreck.

I found a little lawn mower there and thought perhaps I could hit the snake with it. I swung at the snake with the lawn mower and thought I had hit it in the head. But suddenly I felt pain in my left leg and immediately knew the snake and bitten me. I could feel its venom going through my leg; I looked down and saw the snake had a firm hold on my leg. I reached down and asked myself, "Well should I try to pry it off with my hands?"

I knew if I didn't get it off, I would die because it was clearly a rattlesnake.

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