Dream of: 21 July 1981 (2) "Class President"

I was at Baylor Law School in a class being taught by professor Ed Horner. Sitting next to me was Ms. Huff (a law student) talking about some words. She whispered two or three synonyms of a particular word into my ear. I had never heard the words before, but I thought they were quite interesting.

The classroom began to seem like a large gymnasium with our chairs sitting in the back of one part of the gym. As someone walked to the front of the room, I realized class elections were going to be held to choose a class president. Some yellow writing tablets were in the corner near the seats; people who wanted to run for class president began going over to the tablets to sign their names. My friend Jon signed. Then Leah, who had been sitting next to me, walked over and signed. Patterson (another law student) then signed.

It soon seemed as if just about everyone in the whole class had gone up to sign the tablet. I debated whether I should also go up and sign. I could see three rows of names on one tablet.  I waited right to the end and thought, "Well, maybe it would be best to be the last one on the list. Then the name would be more conspicuous."

Before I could reach the tablets, someone else walked up and put his name in the last space on the page. I thought, "Well, my name will be on the next page."

Since one big space was still left at the bottom of the right-hand corner of the page, I signed my name there: "Steven Collier." After I signed it, it looked as if I had actually used two spaces.

Jeff Morgan (an acquaintance from my high school years) then stood up in the middle of the room and hollered, "Steve Collier."

I answered, "Yes."

It seemed as if he wanted me to be elected, but he didn't say anything else. I walked to the end of the row of seats next to the wall. Steve Buckner (one of my best friends from high school) was seated back in the corner. His hair was very although not completely gray. He was smoking a cigarette.

I asked, "Buckner, did you sign up?"

He responded, "Yea, yea. I signed up."

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