Dream of: 21 July 1981 "Escaping The Flood"

My mother, my sister and I were at a beach house which sat on a high cliff overlooking the sea.  I could see the beach and people swimming down below. Some girls and couples were down there. I wanted to go down and swim.

I walked back into the beach house, changed and walked back outside. The water was beginning to rise and before I knew it, the water was right up to the bank. Only now did I realize the water was a river, not a sea. I knew in the back of my mind that massive flooding had occurred upstream. Now the flood was reaching us. A road was nearby, probably 25-30 meters away.  We had a car parked close by and I thought, "We better get in our car and take off."

I walked back into the house and told the others to get ready because we had to get out of there and reach higher ground. I stepped back outside to go to the car, and I saw another car in the river, being carried downstream by the flood. The flood came over the banks, smashed right into our car and completely destroyed it. I turned around as quickly as I could and hurried back into the house. I seemed to be having trouble walking and I was apparently limping a bit. I told the others, "Let's get out of here. We're going to have to walk. Our car has been destroyed."

I led them outside and we began walking away from the river. The water was continuing to rise. We encountered an old man with a big truck about the size of my step-grandfather Clarence's truck. The man had the truck loaded and was heading out. We asked him if he could give us a ride and he said, "Yea, get in the back."

We all climbed in and he began driving. We passed through New Boston and on through the overpass in Sciotoville, where we saw the water had risen. My mother wanted to see the water, which was covering the road in front of us. The truck stopped and started backing around. There was a little drop off beside the road. I guided the man as he backed up. The back tire went off the drop off, but he just pulled forward, got it out of there and turned the truck around.

We headed in the opposite direction. The area seemed like New Boston instead of Sciotoville. Stores and houses were all around. We passed another truck which had some merchandise piled up in it. Among the merchandise were some pancake turners. I thought I could just reach over and take one, but I didn't have any need for a pancake turner. We kept driving along, trying to reach the Gallia County Farm or Patriot, even though we realized all the roads would be flooded or cut off.

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