Dream of: 20 July 1981 (2) "Jerusalem"

My old friend Randy Ramey was driving me around in a car in Columbus, Ohio. Randy was planning to drive down to Portsmouth, Ohio almost 150 kilometers south of Columbus and I was trying to decide whether I should accompany him. I was tempted to go. I knew I needed to pick up something in Portsmouth and I thought I might enjoy riding with Randy because we would probably smoke a marijuana joint together.

Finally I did decide to go, and we headed out together at night over a narrow gravel road, dark and dangerous. We just barely missed hitting some cars coming toward us.

As the journey continued, I recalled that Randy and I had recently attended a class together in Portsmouth, and that we had both taken a test, the subject of which had been the Bible. I wondered how Randy had fared on the test. Able to remember some questions, I said, "Well, the first question began with something about Christ going to Jerusalem. And it talked about God's relationship with Christ or man or something like that."

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