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Dream of: 20 July 1981 "Spilled Food"

I had bought some ice skates and was using them to skate around on a wooden floor in a gymnasium. I hadn't skated long, when I noticed something wrong with the skates. The back of the skates had either worn down or broken off I couldn't figure out which almost to the sole. The damaged skates had scuffed the floor in several places. Tracks of circles I had been skating could clearly be seen on the floor.

I thought about how I might fix the skates and I considered having new strips of metal welded onto them. Several people looked at them and everyone tried to figure out how to fix them. Finally someone gave me a new pair of skates and I began skating around in circles again.

I wanted to skate with a girl there who was wearing roller skates. But the gym suddenly filled up with people who began gathering around some long tables. Everyone sat down.

The girl I had wanted to skate with and I started to sit down in two chairs in front of the room. But instead we walked over to one of the tables. The girl sat down in a chair. I pulled out another chair to sit in, but found a paper plate full of food sitting on the chair. I picked up the plate to put on the table, but the plate collapsed on one side and all the food fell onto the floor.

That made me remember how once before the same type of thing had happened to me a paper plate full of food had collapsed on me.

Some brown meat had been on the plate and I watched it splash all over the floor. People behind me said, "Oh. Oh."

I had spilt some meat onto my pants and went to the bathroom to try to get it off. Then I went to the back of the room to look for a broom. I found one in a closet.

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