Dream of: 10 June 1981 "White Cat"

Apparently I had said something to professor McSwain about the conduct of Haim. As a result, McSwain (who also seemed a bit like professor Wendorf), and I went looking for Haim. We found Haim sleeping in a room of Baylor Law School. McSwain stood on one side of Haim while I stood on the other. Together we raised the sleeping Haim and carried him from the room. After we had walked a short distance and had entered another room, Haim awoke.

McSwain asked me and another person now with us to leave the room. We did so. McSwain then told Haim that he (Haim) had to leave the school. 

I returned to the room where Haim was. McSwain was no longer here. Haim had changed his clothes and was now wearing a jacket, preparing to leave. I approached him and told him he shouldn't leave so quickly. I told him I would be back soon.

I left and walked through the halls of the school looking for McSwain. I encountered a white cat. It was friendly; but at the same time I was somewhat afraid it would bite me if I tried to touch it.

I was also looking for my mother; I thought she had something to do with the status of the students there. I walked through several rooms and when I finally found her, I realized this building was actually her house. This was the first time I had ever found her there. I told her I liked the rooms. She was friendly; she said my father had told her the house was old-fashioned.

My sister walked into the room. She had been talking with Haim; she said she didn't want to talk with him anymore because he was sad now. I told my mother I didn't think it was good for Haim to be thrown out of the school because he, more than anyone, loved the school. He did have some problems; but maybe now he could correct them. He shouldn't be expelled from the school.

I decided to talk with Haim about his problems. If, after I had talked with him, he was still unable to behave properly in the classes, sending him away might be necessary.

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