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Dream of: 27 May 1981 "Attacking The Bathroom"

I was with two fellows and a woman at the House in Patriot. We were all nude together in the bathtub having a frolicsome good time. One of the fellows in the tub reminded me of Joe Jones (high school schoolmate). My brother Chris was sitting beside the bathtub in his wheelchair. I reached my hand over the side and held on to Chris's hand at one point.

I kept getting closer and closer to the woman until her vagina was right in front of my face. Then she sat on my penis. One of the other fellows in the tub was her husband. At first he didn't seem to mind my getting close to her, but then he began becoming perturbed.

I looked out the door; some men were coming toward the House from across the street. I stepped out of the tub and told the others to sit down. A large wooden door was standing next to the doorway; but it wasn't on its hinges. There was only a screen door which I locked. A black man walked up and said, "Steve, let me in."

I asked, "What do you want?"

He replied, "Just let me in."

I said, "No, tell me what you want first."

He said he wanted in and pulled out a gun. He was angry about something. He stepped back and fired a shot at the house. He walked to the side and shot through one of the windows. The people in the tub all ducked down. Then the fellow retreated back across the street.

Still nude, I immediately put on my pants. I said we had had enough fun in the bathroom and it was time to check out what was going on. Everyone got out of the tub.

Some shotguns were standing in the corner. I began passing them out to the others but I didn't have any bullets for them. I asked Joe to help me put the big wooden door in front of the doorway. The men were coming back across the street. Before we could move the door, they were upon us. They knocked the door down and shot Joe in the side.

I picked up a shovel and began hitting the men with it. I almost knocked the gun out of one man's hand.

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