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Dream of: 26 May 1981 (3) "Pornographic Novels"

I was lying on a bed at the House in Patriot (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child), reading one of three pornographic novels I had. A girl was lying down at the bottom of my bed.  My father and another girl were lying on another bed in the room.

When I laid down my book and began watching a television playing in the room, I realized a pornographic show was on. I touched my leg against the girl in the bed with me. I just barely touched her because I thought she might not want me to do so. When she rolled over so her legs were on mine, I thought, "Well, I'll just keep on going farther."

When she suddenly rolled back over and disappeared, I thought she had fallen off the end of the bed into some kind of abyss.

Meanwhile, my father had become quite involved with the girl in his bed.

Completely nude, I rose and walked to the front of the house. I had chapped lips and was looking for some Vaseline. My mother had just gone into the toilet and was apparently taking a bath. I walked toward the toilet and began talking to my mother from outside the door. I tried to peek through a couple little holes in the door a couple times, but I couldn't really see anything.

When I finally lay down in front of the door, my mother opened the door and walked out. She stood right over top me, her pubic hairs clearly visible above me, not trying to cover herself.

She walked into the little utility room where the stairs to the basement were, and I followed her. I walked over to her and pulled her down from in front of the windows so the people in the house next door couldn't see her (it was daylight outside). I pulled her onto the ground and began biting her breasts. It felt good. I moved my head on down and began performing cunnilingus on her.

She was worried my father might come in. I told her he was busy with someone named Pat. I said, "And anyway, I got somebody in my eyes."

I was referring to a 17 year-old friend of mine who was keeping a lookout at the door to warn me if anything happened.

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