Dream of: 26 May 1981 (2) "Christmas Bulbs"

I was visiting Ramey at his house in Columbus. I was planning on staying with Ramey for a day or two and felt quite happy. The house had two or three rooms and Ramey showed them to me. One room contained his bed and another was the living room.

The living room had some strange things in it and seemed quite peculiar. A large red heart, about a meter tall, was propped up on some legs in one corner of the room. Valentine cards were on top of the heart. In another corner were two Christmas trees.

Ramey walked into the room. He had taken an amphetamine and seemed quite happy. He rather danced about. He asked me if I wanted an amphetamine. I told him I didn't think so.

Ramey told me he paid $100 a month for the place. I told him it was a nice place. It was nothing extravagant; but it was adequate.

Walls was also in the room.

I began dancing a bit myself. Then I headed out of the room, but on my way I bumped into one of the Christmas trees. I knocked four or five Christmas bulbs off the tree. They hit the ground but none broke. I stopped and began picking them up. Ramey came over and began helping me. We began putting them back on the tree and I said, "That reminds me how is Mike Ferguson doing these days?" (I was actually referring to Fugitt, an old schoolmate from high school).

Walls spoke up and said, "Not too good."

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