Dream of: 26 May 1981 "Dying Of Hunger"

I was preparing to go to Puerto Rico to study law. An acquaintance named Laurie Mann was in the room with me. My old college professor, Rembert Glass walked in; he didn't look well. Apparently his wife was going to have another child; he spoke of her pregnancy. I said that was exactly what the world needed: another child. It wasn't enough that two billion people were presently dying of hunger in the world. Of course overpopulation wasn't a concern of the United States: the United States simply needed to build a wall between it and Mexico to keep the people down south from entering the United States. Nor did the United States have to worry about people arriving from across the Atlantic Ocean because poor people couldn't arrive by that route. We, the North Americans, were prosperous enough so we didn't need to have any worries.

Rembert listened to what I had to say and then left.

I began talking with Laurie. Clearly she was likewise pregnant. I told her I shouldn't have said those things to Rembert.

I told her I had had a vasectomy and felt good about it even though I might have difficulty finding a female companion because most women wanted to have children.

Laurie said she was unsure whether she should tell me something. She said it was a difficult decision.

I sat on the couch next to her and told her she should tell me what was on her mind. She spoke she said my tie didn't match my pants. I was wearing a colorful tie and blue pants. I said, "Well, then I can take it off."

I simply took the tie off and put it in my pocket. I laughed and said, "Well, if I had thought, I could have taken off my pants instead of my tie."

Laurie smiled. I looked at her and said, "It doesn't look like you've gained much weight."

When she stood up, however, I saw she had gained a moderate amount of weight from her pregnancy.

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