Dream of: 25 May 1981 "Intelligence Curve"

Haim and I had both decided to leave the Baylor Law School; we were in a car headed for Ohio. Haim was planning to go to The Ohio State University to study. I told Haim I had studied at Ohio State and when he asked me what kind of people studied there, I replied, "It's almost the same as in Baylor. But Ohio State has around 50,000 students. There are more intelligent people at Ohio State, but also more stupid ones."

I began tracing an intelligence curve. I said that in general, students from Baylor fell right in the middle of the curve; but in Ohio State people were all over the intelligence curve.

We arrived in Columbus and Haim went to a house where he already had some of his things.

I went to Ramey's house and walked into Ramey's living room. Ramey wasn't here at first; but then he walked into the room. I walked out onto the porch and saw Ramey's car parked out front. In the back seat of the car was a large box of books which belonged to me. As I headed toward the car to get the books, Ramey stopped me and asked me whether I was going to pay him the $50 I owed him. I told him I would. Actually, I thought I owed him a bit more than $50.

I picked up the box of books and walked back into the house.

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