Dream of: 15 April 1981 "Look Away"

Classes had ended for the quarter term at Baylor Law School and all the students were gathered together in a big parking lot, preparing to leave. It was night and everyone except me had a car. At first I couldn't even find my suitcases, but I finally located them in someone's car and took them out.

Cars pulled out until only a few remained and I still didn't have a way to leave. I thought I might have to hitchhike. I was barefoot and didn't even have any shoes. I hollered out, "Well if anyone is going south, I'd sure appreciate a ride. I'll help pay for gas."

I thought a minute and then said, "Wait a minute. I meant I'm going north, not south."

Rod Keith (a fellow law student) offered me a ride, but he was going south. A station wagon loaded with people – apparently headed north – was pulling out. At first I thought another fellow student, Campbell, was driving, but then I saw someone else was driving. I ran up and said, "Hey, if you're headed north can you give me a ride?"

The driver looked at me, laughed and answered scornfully, "Why should I give you a ride? You didn't even call me Pal."

I said, "I'll help pay for gas."

He thought for a second, pulled over to the side and said, "Well, hurry up."

I ran back to retrieve my clothes, which were heaped in a big pile next to the parking lot. Leah suddenly appeared. She ran toward me and said, "I love you."

She began helping me pack the clothes into the old gray suitcase I used to have, as well as one of my newer suitcases. After Leah and I had finished packing, I said, "I don't even have your name or number, and I'm just going to leave you."

She replied, "Well, it's probably all for the best anyway. We'd probably never bother to write."

She handed me a letter and said, "Well, read this when you're gone."

I was ready to burst into tears. She kissed me on the cheek. I wanted to kiss her on the cheek. She said, "Look away."

Apparently she didn't want anyone else to see me kiss her. Then she turned her cheek toward me and I kissed her. I said good-bye to Leah, grabbed my suitcase and slid down an embankment to the car. When I reached the car, I threw my suitcase inside. No one in the car seemed happy to see me, but I boarded anyway and we headed down the road.

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