Dream of: 28 March 1981 "Oppenheimer"

I was spending the night in a building which seemed like a warehouse. A little creature seemed to be in the building with me. Unable to sleep, I walked around and ended up in a room which had pieces of rotten plywood on the floor. As I walked across the floor, the plywood began breaking and caving in until a hole developed through which I could look into the basement, where a light was turned on. The basement appeared to be filled with trash. Something seemed to be happening in the basement, but I couldn't tell what. It seemed as if the little creature or something else had warned me before about the basement.

I jumped through the hole into the basement and looked out a basement window. About 100 meters away I could see a little store which looked like a Seven/Eleven. Some people (some of whom seemed black) walked toward me from the store.

I climbed out of the basement and together with the other people went to a party in a rather nice stone house with carpet and spacious rooms. After I had entered an empty room and sat down in a chair, other people walked into the room and sat around me, including a man (about 40 years old) who sat on my left. A couple other men were sitting nearby. We talked.

Suddenly the 40 year-old man reached over and put his hand on my penis. I immediately jerked it off, covered my penis with my own hand, and said, "Look, I'm not a queer."

He seemed insulted. I said, "Well, maybe that's a bad choice of words. Maybe 'queer' is a bit emphatic."

I thought perhaps I should have used a different word like "gay."

When the men began talking among themselves, I rose and walked around. It was probably about two or three in the morning. People began leaving and the party began to die. I was afraid to go to sleep.

I walked outside and when Steve Buckner (one of my best friends in my last two years of high school) drove up, I boarded his car. The gay 40 year-old man from the party was already in Buckner's car.

As we drove along headed toward Portsmouth, Ohio, I looked at some mountains we were passing. One beautiful mountain was fantastically large and snow-capped. I began thinking about mountain climbing and how exhilarating climbing that mountain would be.

We passed another mountain with gigantic icicles hanging from steep cliffs. One particularly steep overhanging cliff caught my attention and I reflected how difficult climbing that cliff would be. As we passed the mountain and I was able to see the other side, I realized part of the mountain had been created from obviously man-made poured concrete. The farther away from the mountain we rode, the more clearly I could see the mountain itself was actually only a small part of a larger mountain which rose high into the sky. I could now see the larger mountain wasn't as steep as I had originally thought.

At the top of the mountain stood a large penitentiary which could be reached from the rear of the mountain without climbing the steep cliff. I thought if a mountain climber climbed up the steep side of the mountain, he would arrive at the penitentiary. I wondered if the authorities might think the mountain climber was trying to break someone out of the penitentiary and if the authorities would then incarcerate the mountain climber.

As I once again focused on my immediate surroundings, I realized I was in a large bus which reminded me of the interior of a passenger airplane. Other people were also in the bus, including my old college professor, Rembert Glass, were also on the bus. As I again looked out at the mountains, Rembert began giving an interesting little speech about mountain-climbing. Apparently he belonged to a mountain-climbing organization and was well versed in the art of mountain-climbing. He went into considerable detail about how people should climb mountains.

As he talked, I continued looking at a mountain we were passing. With difficulty I tried to imagine myself climbing it. Mountain climbing seemed to me a vain endeavor. At the same time, however, I thought if I were at the top I would be able to look out over all Portsmouth, something few people had ever done.

As Rembert talked, I imagined how the ropes would hang down realized the necessity of securing oneself with the ropes. One wouldn't begin climbing up the mountain without ropes to make sure one wouldn't fall.

Rembert stopped his lecture and in reference to something else he had said, declared, "And now we're going to mention something about Oppenheimer."

Suddenly I remembered I had been sending Rembert some of my dreams and I realized he was making a definite reference to something I had written in the last dream which I had sent him. Although he was speaking to the group and wasn't looking directly at me, I knew he was definitely talking about something I had written. Somehow, some type of communication existed between Rembert and me. I fell over unto my back and electrical impulses began going through my body. My body began jerking. I could only see blue, white and black patterns like splashes of paint on a canvass. No pain was involved, but the sensation was very intense and completely different from anything I had ever experienced. The images were so intense, I realized something important was definitely happening.

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