Dream of: 19 March 1981 "Meeting My End"

I was riding around with my old friend Steve Buckner in Portsmouth, Ohio in a large van which I owned. Buckner was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat. We were on Gallia Street but it looked much different that usual. I saw a fire station which I didn't recall being on that street.

Three black girls were in the van with us. We were thinking about taking them to Mike Walls' house and having sex with them. I began thinking about Claudia (a black acquaintance) and the time I had taken her to the Apartment in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Buckner drove us to Walls' house and as we pulled in, I told him I didn't think we should take the girls inside. I knew Walls and his wife Connie were at the swimming pool and that he had given me permission to use the house. But it was a cold day and I said, "Well, you know they won't be there very long."

Buckner answered, "Yea."

But he was determined to take the girls inside. I told him he would have to back the van around. He pulled up and began backing around. As he backed I began screaming, "Put on the brakes! Put on the brakes!"

He began pushing down on the brakes but they wouldn't catch. He pushed and pushed but the van just kept going back and back. I thought, "Oh no. This is where I meet my end."

The van started going over the edge of a big bank. I felt the van turning over and over and I thought to myself, "Well this is where I die."

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