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Dream of: 17 March 1981 "God Bless America"

I suddenly realized that Haim Habib (one of my new law-school friends) was homosexual. He and I had been roaming around on the street together for quite a while when the revelation came to me. Haim didn't come right out and say so, but clearly he wanted to have a sexual relationship with me. Since I wanted no part of it, when he placed his hand on my shoulder, I pushed it away. I felt sorry for Haim; I could sense that he regretted his attraction for me, but he simply found me irresistible; he said there was something overpowering about me.

As we walked, we stopped for a moment in front of a house with a display window set up in front. Sitting prominently in the window was a book which appeared to be an advertisement for something. On the front was a picture of five reclining nude women. One woman was black, one was oriental and the other three were white. Intrigued by the book and interested in what the house might contain, Haim and I stepped inside.

Once inside the house, while Haim disappeared upstairs, I walked over to the display window, picked up the book, and leafed through it. I discovered tasteful artistic pictures of spacious landscapes, but mostly the book purveyed information about how the five women pictured on the cover lived with five men in this very house. The men and women shared each other's company and traded off sexually a man would be with one woman one night, and with another woman another night. The book also detailed what a man should do if he wanted to have sex with two women at the same time.

When I finally turned my attention to my surroundings, I realized I was in the home of another law-school friend, Donna (a pretty young woman with long chestnut hair and a friendly disposition). A man who was apparently Donna's husband entered the room, walked up to me, and began telling me a strange little story. He recounted that while he had been somewhere, someone had asked him for a pencil. Although the man's job was apparently sharpening and handing out pencils, on this occasion he hadn't given the person the pencil, because he had suddenly realized what a meaningless job he was performing, and he couldn't bring himself to continue handing out pencils.

When the man had finished his story, I began to notice that other people were in the room, including Donna herself and two other men. Donna and one of the men were ensconced next to each other on a couch, snuggled together under a cover, obviously undressing each other. I watched in amazement, wondering if they were going to unclothe right there in front of everybody. Although they continued taking off their clothes, they kept the blanket pulled over them.

Curious, I laid down my book, sat on the floor, and from the corner of my eye, continued to watch Donna and the man. When I finally stood back up and stepped closer to them, I saw that they had thrown off the cover, completely exposing their nude bodies. To my amazement, right in front of me, Donna slipped down onto her knees on the floor in front of the man and shamelessly began performing fellatio on him. At the same time, with one of her hands, she began masturbating the second man. When she noticed me watching, she managed to paint a prurient simper on her face, forcing me to wonder if she were inviting me to join in. I thought perhaps I should, but I refrained.

Other husbands and wives from Baylor Law School were in the room, plainly participating in an orgy. Surfeited with merely observing, I finally could restrain myself no longer. I pulled off my pants, walked over to Donna and sat down in front of her. Unhesitatingly she leaned over, stuck my penis in her mouth and began performing fellatio on me, propelling me to ecstasy.

My pleasure was short-lived suddenly the doorbell rang and I jumped up. Someone said that Haim's wife was probably at the door, and indeed, when the door was opened, a woman who was Haim's wife blew in, an older-looking woman with frosted hair. She immediately rolled over to me and we collapsed next to each other on the couch. She wasted no time: she lowered her head and began licking my penis.

Ultimately, I broke away from her and stood up, somewhat concerned about Haim, wondering what had happened to him. I walked upstairs and cast my eye into an unlit bathroom. When I saw a closed shower door, I had a sickening premonition of what was behind the door, and thought, "Oh no. Haim has probably killed himself."

When I turned on the light and looked in the shower, I was relieved to discover that Haim wasn't there. Still concerned, I walked over to the bedroom and flipped the bedroom light switch, but this time, no light came on. For some reason, I felt frightened, as if there were something to fear up here. I turned, hurried back downstairs and called to everyone, "Well, someone is going to have to go up there. I can't find him." Abruptly Haim came walking down the stairs there was nothing wrong with him at all. He joined in with everyone else, having a good time.

The orgy seemed to increase in intensity, going wild, when suddenly someone jumped up and hollered out that the "man" was here. The front door flung open and several husky police officers barged in like gangbusters and straightaway ordered everyone to stand up against the wall. Completely nude, I lined up with the others, my back to the wall, with one of the officers standing right in front of me. I wished I could don something to cover myself; when I noticed that one fellow had picked up a pair of green underwear, I blurted out, "Those are mine. No, wait. Those are somebody else's."

I realized those particular underwear weren't mine, but I saw several other pairs lying about on the floor. I didn't want any of the underwear (one pair even looked as if it were wet from sperm), but I still needed to put on something. One policeman, picking up a pair of blue jeans which had one leg cut off, asked me if the jeans were mine. I said, "No, no. Those are too big for me."

When he picked up another pair of torn and ragged blue jeans and handed them to me, I pulled them on. Once I was dressed in the jeans, I turned to the policeman standing in front of me and asked, "Do you like your work?" He looked me right in the eye and he said he didn't.

Without warning, the policemen uniformly turned and marched back outside. As some of the people in the room began hollering, I also walked outside, where it was revealed that the police raid had been a big joke. The police weren't here to arrest us they had come to join in the party! One policeman even brought out a cake. When someone else showed up with ice cream and whipped cream, I began eating some. The whipped cream reminded me of the kind I sometimes ate in the student cafeteria, the kind I liked so much. Now that I was eating the ice cream and whipped cream, it seemed as if I had also been eating some earlier inside, before the police had arrived.

I looked out into the street and saw what appeared to be a ticker tape parade passing by. The song "God Bless America" was playing.

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