Dream of: 15 March 1981 "The Devil Inside A Little Girl"

I had started to go to a school and was studying Spanish, French and something else. Mark Jarrell (a fellow law student at Baylor Law School) was there. When I looked at one of his papers, I saw that he was studying something about stereos.

I decided to talk with one of my teachers because I did not think I was learning everything I could from the class. It seemed as if I had been placed in an accelerated class in Spanish (because I had shown I knew some Spanish), but I was in a beginning French class. I was contemplating telling my teachers that I would like to go into the next advanced class.

I walked into a room with a female teacher, lay down on the floor, and (while she was still standing up) began talking with her. Suddenly I kicked her legs out from under her so that she fell onto my legs. I made some sexual advances.

My mother walked into the room and began holding me down by the arms. The room seemed to be a kitchen, and some kitchen cabinets were over my head. As my mother and the teacher started looking at one of the drawers in the cabinets, we all heard a sound from inside the drawer as if a marble were rolling around in the drawer.

When I began moving my eyes as if I were making the marble move with them, my mother and the teacher looked at me in amazement. I thought of the movie The Exorcist and how, in the movie - when the devil had been inside the little girl - he had been able to make objects move by themselves. As I continued following the sound of the marble with my eyes, I began to wonder if I myself were actually somehow making the marble move. When my mother and the teacher finally let me up, I realized the marble was moving around through cabinets all over the room. I continued following the marble with my eyes, unsure whether I myself was making it move with my mind.

Commentary of 11 June 2019

Why do humans do evil acts? Are they prompted by forces outside themselves, such as a devil or demons, or are they simply naturally evil inside? That is my question. Do dream-devils originate in the unconscious mind, or do they originate outside the physical body. I can envision both possibilites: that evil and good are two forces which exist outside of us, or, that evil and good are forces which only exist inside our own minds. Whateve the answer, I often seem convinced that "evil" is an intelligent force with which an intelligent "good" force is in perpetual combat.


"Intelligence" seems to be of central importance in the concept of the "devil" as a human-like purveyor of "evil."

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