Dream of: 14 March 1981 "Ghosts"

As I was talking to someone, I was thinking about how dead people might become ghosts for a while and visit living people at night in the living people's dreams. I contemplated that the only time a dead person would actually have the opportunity to visit a living person was during a dream. The opportunity wouldn't exist long because the dead person would soon be reincarnated into a new body. Therefore the visitation must occur during the short time while the ghost existed.

I thought the ghost could visit living people for a while, but probably would soon tire of such visits after seeing all the stupid things which people did in their private lives.

I thought about my mother and my sister and ... suddenly I found myself at my mother's house which was different from any house of hers in which I had ever been. My mother and my sister were in a back room. I walked into a room behind the one they were in, lay down and fell asleep. When I awoke, I got out of bed and in my underwear walked through the room where my mother and my sister lay sleeping. In a way I had a rather erotic feeling and wished my mother could see me in my underwear; but they didn't awaken and I walked on into the kitchen.

In the kitchen I found some pictures and began looking through them. The pictures belonged to my mother and were of her, my sister and me. Finally, my mother walked into the kitchen and began showing me the pictures. She had a couple pictures of me in bed one picture showed me dressed in a red plaid shirt lying on the bed asleep.

My mother also had a picture of her and my father kissing passionately. In the picture, my mother's blouse was open in front and her bra could be seen. I wished the picture had showed more; I thought, "Yea, I wish they would just go right ahead and get it on."

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