Dream of: 10 March 1981 "Basic Concepts Of Christianity"

I was listening to a lecture about religion and taking part in a discussion in which five basic concepts of Christianity were being drilled into me. The first concept (the most important) was "helping." I had difficulty understanding the second concept, but finally I realized it was "hearing." The last three concepts were unclear but two seemed to be "aiding" and "offering."

I decided I wanted to talk to my old philosophy professor, Rembert Glass, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. I arrived at a fairyland-like building where I thought Rembert would be and I walked inside. I walked down some corridors and then climbed many stairs to reach the place where I thought I would find Rembert. The stairs were rather cruddy at the bottom, but when I reached the top, I found some magnificent, intricately-carved, panel doors.

I pushed the doors open and walked into a rather ornately furnished room. As I then pushed open a second set of doors, I began thinking of what I was going to say to Rembert. I thought I would tell him that he had had an enormous impact on me in the times when I had seen him and that he had been a very important influence in my life. In a way, however, I hated to tell him that because my life was such a wreck.

Carrying an orange book about Yoga, I walked into a rather dark room. After laying the book on a mantle in the room, I walked over to an ordinary-looking door, grabbed the handle, pulled the door open and looked inside the adjoining room which was rather dark except for a burning candle. Right in front of me I caught a glimpse of a beige figure which looked like a human fetus sitting in a chair.

Frightened, I turned back to the room I was still in and saw a bic pen lying on a table. I thought about picking up the pen and using it to defend myself, but I decided I didn't want to pick up someone else's pen. I thought, "No. I'll grab that book."

I thought perhaps I could use the book to knock someone away if the person attacked me. I began calling into the dark room, "Hello. Hello."

I could no longer remember Rembert's name. I thought something like, "Well, if someone comes and they ask me what I'm doing here I won't even be able to tell them who I'm looking for because I can't even remember his name."

I continued calling, but no one answered.

Thoughts of meditation and Zen Buddhism entered my mind.

I finally backed out of the door and shut it.

Since I knew that Rembert lived in the rear of the building, I thought I could reach him by walking back there through the corridors. At first I decided I did not want to walk back to the rear of the building where Rembert was, but then I decided that I had come so far this time that I would go on.

I thought about the time Rembert had induced me into a state of a waking dream. Perhaps he would be able to do that again.

I could vaguely hear a television somewhere in the building. I thought someone must be there. I thought about putting my head to the wall to try to figure out where the television was. I thought, "Is that what Rembert is doing - watching television somewhere in this building?"

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