Dream of: 03 March 1981 "Do You Like Art?"

While standing on a seashore which reminded me of Puerto Rico, I noticed some heavy earth moving machinery, perhaps a bulldozer, had pushed the rocks along the shoreline into a line which stood about five meters tall. It amazed me to see an area once covered by sand now only an extended pile of rocks.

It was quite cold and seemed like winter. Ice had even formed on the ocean a ways from shore, although no ice was near the shore. I looked out where the ice was and saw a hole in it rather far out from the shore. Some people standing near me said someone had fallen through the ice and hadn't come back up. The people just stood and looked.

Suddenly a fellow jumped into the water near the shore and began swimming toward the ice, even though the water was obviously freezing. Along with him was a sleek, black dog. The fellow and the dog made it out to the ice, climbed up onto it and went over to the hole. The fellow dove into the hole and stayed under for awhile. Finally he resurfaced without having found anyone. He and the dog swam back to the shore.

When they reached the shore, a Doberman Pincher ran up to the black dog, and the two dogs began playing together. I thought the Doberman looked a bit like Wall's dog, Hansel. As I watched the two dogs play and jump on each other, they seemed to be becoming angry toward each other and the black dog began to growl. I told someone I thought the Doberman could whip the black dog in a fight.

Suddenly it seemed like summertime and the water looked warm. As I stood on the rocks looking out over the water, I heard someone near me say no one would be able to swim there anymore because the bulldozer which had piled up the rocks had left many jagged rocks in the water. I could see the dangerous-looking rocks jutting up below the clear blue water's surface.

But then some small children came along, jumped into the water and frolicked about unheedful of the danger. A motorboat passed by close to where the children were, and I thought it was dangerously close to them. I noticed several other people swimming and decided to go down and jump in the water myself.

Once in the water, I ventured farther out into deep water, where I encountered two window panes rising out of the water. They were joined together like an L and were each about two meters tall. I grabbed one of the panes. Each pane had several different colors in it. I thought maybe an old house had once been out there in the ocean.

I had the feeling a fellow who I knew was out here with me. Then I looked around and saw three beautiful girls swimming about. One of them was blonde and one was brunette. They swam up to the other pane and I noticed that although the water was deep, they seemed to be standing on something. I asked, "Are you standing?"

They replied, "Yes."

I put down my feet a little farther and realized a ledge was there which I too began to stand on. The blonde girl on my right reached out and took my hand. I went closer and closer to her and then tried to kiss her. But she looked as if she was really disgusted with me and just swam away. I felt terrible about her swimming away and said to the other two girls, "Did I do something wrong?"

I talked with them awhile and finally the blonde girl returned. She began talking and came closer and closer to me. Finally she kissed me on the lips. Then she asked someone here if he liked art. The person replied yes. She then turned to me and said, "Do you like art?"

I answered, "No."

But then I laughed and said, "Doesn't everybody like art?"

We talked a bit more and finally she said she had to go and start shooting. I understood by that that she worked with films and was going to go and shoot some film.

Someone else here said he enjoyed seeing her in her pictures. I inferred she must have been some sort of film star.

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