Dream of: 28 February 1981 "Aloha Girl"

I was in a gigantic room which was on a flying saucer flying through the air. All along the sides of the room was a space of about a third of a meter from the floor to the wall where there was nothing, so it would be possible for people to slide off the flying saucer through that space. The flying saucer then began to land, and I slid over toward the wall and stuck my legs out through the open space. But someone said, "No, don't stick your legs out there, because you might hit something."

So I pulled my legs back in and almost immediately we landed. I slid on out of the flying saucer and landed up to my waist in some water, apparently in a swimming pool. Apparently I was in Hawaii because an Hawaiian aloha girl was standing there waiting for me. I said, "Well are you the aloha girl to greet us?"

You said something to me in Spanish and I answered her. She then said, "Donde estabas?"

I answered, "In los Estados Unidos."

She asked, "Donde estaba ahora."

I answered, "In California."

She replied, "Oh, puedes hablar mucho espanol."

I answered, "Oh un poco."

She replied, "Well you can probably speak more than me. That's about all I know."

I said, "Ah, pensaba que tu pudieras hablar mucho espanol."

She said, "No, that's about it."

A fellow standing next to her in the water said, "Yea, I can speak a little Spanish, too."

Apparently the two were friends. The girl then put her arms around me and kissed me. She was a bit chubby and her lips were rather thick. I could see that she and I were going to get along and that we would probably spend time together.

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