Dream of: 22 January 1981 "Plate Of Food"

While in a downtown section of Columbus, I walked into the portico of a movie theater, looked at the advertisements and saw a double feature was playing. I looked at the names and knew the stars in the movies. Both were American movies. The times of the movies were listed. I wondered if I should go, but then I thought, "Well, they're going to be in English and I don't want to waste my time watching them."

So I left and went to a nearby Ramada Inn. I went into the restaurant and sat down at one of the many empty tables. On the table was already some salad and something which looked like a little tiny piece of fish about three or four centimeters square. I was hungry. I picked up the fish and ate it. I immediately felt badly about it because I hadn't eaten meat in a long time. Then I began eating salad.

A girl who reminded me of Becky (a Chillicothe  acquaintance) walked up. She was dressed in a little ornate beige dress which was all flared out. It had all kinds of frills on it. She sat down next to me. I was surprised to see her. I said, "Well, I've met you before. I've met you in Portsmouth. I've met you in Teheran. And I've met you someplace else and now here I meet you here for the fourth time."

I was really amazed.

The waitress then came over. She looked exactly like the girl sitting beside me. I was almost in a state of shock. I hollered out, "You mean there's two of you?"

Many people were now sitting around at the other tables eating. They all turned and looked. Another couple was even sitting at my table. I told the waitress that I didn't want anything else and that I just wanted to eat what was there. I then noticed both girls now had bright red hair. I said, "Oh yea, I remember now. There's two of you."

The girl sitting there gave her order to the waitress and the waitress left. I was sitting on a kind of leather bench. I rolled over and laid my head on the bench and began trying to comprehend what was happening. The other couple at the table looked at me strangely and then I raised up.

Some people walked by a window next to us and the girl said, "There's my husband."

I looked up and saw a fellow with a green shirt on walk by. He looked with his mouth open in surprise. He went by and the girl said, "I think I'd better go."

She rose, walked over to a crowd and disappeared. It looked to me as if she was just going into that little crowd and then she just disappeared into thin air. Apparently she had gone out the door. That caused a stir among the people sitting around me. They looked around at me and said, "Well, she's really going to leave him."

I asked the guy next to me, "Where'd she go?"

I looked at where she had been sitting and saw a plate full of food there.

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