Dream of: 21 January 1981 (3) "Dance Group"

I was with about 10 young men and women (in their early 20s) who belonged to a dance group. We were all dancing around and in the middle of the dancing, people began taking off their clothes. Soon some of us were nude. The whole thing turned into a big orgy. I ended up with an attractive girl. She soon had her top off exposing her breasts. For a while I thought her pants were off and she was completely nude. But she wasn't. I had just imagined it.

Quite a bit of sexual activity was going on all around me. I was alone with the girl for a little while. I kissed her and became more and more aroused. She took off all her clothes, revealing her shapely figure. But I didn't have sex with her.

We went to the rear of the group where a wild orgy was taking place. People were having sex and performing all kinds of sexual acts around me.

My girl went into the middle of the orgy, although I didn't want her in there with those other people. I wanted to be alone with her. Black and white people were there. One girl was performing fellatio on a fellow and the girl with whom I had been began kissing the same fellow. I then pulled her away from him and pulled her over to the side. Then she and I left and went to a motel room.

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