Dream of: 21 January 1981 "Rules Of Grammar"

I encountered Hidalia Velazquez (a Puerto Rican acquaintance), who was preparing to teach English grammar to a person who knew English but who didn't know the rules of grammar. I asked her what she was going to teach and she said she would begin by teaching such things as subject, predicate and so on. I asked her what kind of sentences she was going to teach and she said she was going to begin with sentences like, "He put the glass of water on the table."

I said, "No, that's too complicated. You have to begin with more simple sentences with simply subject and predicate."

I gave her some examples. I said, "Just use subject and predicate like, 'I saw, he went, they went, we came, et cetera.' Then you go on to subject, predicate, object."

I used the example, "I hit the wall." Then I used other examples like, "I saw the man. We heard the news." I used several other little examples. Finally she asked, "What about the word 'the'?"

I said, "Well, 'the' is an adjective."

She asked me how I knew all that and I said, "I just simply had it drilled into me when I was in school."

Then we went on and I said, "Next you introduce the word 'give'. You say 'He gave the glass to me'." So we'll be introducing indirect objects. First we have objects, and then we have indirect objects."

Hidalia and I were sitting on a bed. I was getting ready to explain to her more about indirect objects when another girl walked up. I knew the other girl. She had brunette hair and reminded me somewhat of a girl with whom I had gone to high school. As she sat down on the edge of the bed, I lost my balance and began toppling off the edge. Just as I was about to hit the ground, she caught me in mid-air. I was hanging there with my arms around her. She pulled me off the bed, held me in mid-air and began turning around and around in circles. We exchanged some words and I said, "Well, this is a sexy position."

I had my arm on her back and began rubbing her back while we were spinning around. With the other arm I began rubbing her hand because it was in her hand. She was wearing a black silk dress and I could feel her skin underneath the dress. It felt very pleasant. As she was turning around, one of her hands was pushed all the way between my legs, so I could feel her hands touching my testes. It was an erotic feeling. She almost had her hand on my penis, but not quite. We kept turning around and around and around. I didn't become dizzy, but I did become aroused.

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