Dream of: 20 January 1981 (2) "El Mundo"

I walked into a grocery store approximately where the Shaffers grocery store used to be on Eleventh Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. As I entered, I saw a newspaper rack and picked up a copy of the Portsmouth Times and a copy of El Mundo. I took both papers to the counter with me and laid them down. I thought El Mundo was only going to cost 35 cents, but the man behind the counter said it cost a $1.50. The date of the paper was August 28. I thought today's date was September 1. The paper was a Saturday paper and it was presently Monday. So I thought the paper was already three days old. I had intended to buy the paper even though it was old, but when the man said it cost $1.50, I said, "Well, no. I don't want it."

I told him the paper was old and I thought it only cost 35 cents. He said, "Well, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll let you have it for a dollar."

I said, "No, I still don't think I want it."

I put the paper back on the rack. I thought about mentioning to him that El Mundo was the best paper in Mexico.

I went ahead and bought the Portsmouth Times. As I headed out of the store, I noticed a rack with books on it. I stopped in front of the rack and began looking at the books. Several books were about ancient history. On the front of the books were some pictures of some ruins. One book had pictures of some Greek Caryatids on the cover. Another book was about Segovia and the landscape around Segovia. Some other books were about some churches. For a moment I thought maybe I could buy some books and cut out pictures for collages, but they didn't have much to offer and they were too expensive.

At the bottom of the rack was a book which said something about sex. When I opened it and looked at it, I saw it was all words with no pictures. It didn't interest me.

I left the store and headed down the road. I began thinking perhaps I could buy some little treat for my mother, perhaps something sweet; but I didn't want to buy anything with sugar in it. I thought about all the years my mother had bought things for me with sugar in them. I also thought how Carolyn had called me a spoiled brat one day. Maybe I was a spoiled brat.

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