Dream of: 20 January 1981 "Unable To Accept Criticism"

I awoke at Patriot (the small Gallia County, Ohio village where my parents were living when I was conceived). Having planned to go somewhere with my father and my mother, I departed with them in a car which my father was driving. My mother was sitting in the middle of the front seat while my crippled brother Chris sat on the passenger side of the front seat. I was riding in the back seat. We traveled down country roads, ascending and descending little hills.

My mother commented that my father thought I had some problems. She said he thought I was a "druggie." I patted my father on the back and said, "Well, I guess that makes two of us then. If I'm a druggie, you sure are too."

My mother went on to explain why my father thought I was a druggie. She said when he would walk into my room, it would smell like smoke and there would be ashes or evidence around my desk that I had been smoking.

As we continued riding along, my mother pointed out a couple other of my traits which my father thought were odious. When she finished her commentary, I thought it was my turn. I said maybe it was true that I had some problems - but my father had problems too. The difference between us was that his problems were much more deeply rooted than mine.

As soon as I had begun talking about my father's problems, I could see that he was becoming angry. I told him his worst problem was that he couldn't accept criticism. When I said that, he became more angry.

My brother Chris (enjoying the whole conversation) smiled while he listened to us. As we continued riding along, my father became angrier and angrier because I was criticizing him.

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