Dream of: 19 January 1981 "Center Of Attention"

I was in a carpeted classroom which seemed slightly different from the room in which I had been living in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. (a college suburb next to San Juan). I was sitting in a semi-circle with four or five other people. I didn't know what kind of class it was, but Rembert Glass was teaching it (Rembert had been my college philosophy professor).

I had a notebook containing three or four written dreams. I read a couple dreams to the others, but not the last two, one of which had something to do with the Spanish word "pudgier."

Rembert made some comments about dreams. He said something about listing them in two columns, like an "in" column and an "out" column.

The following day I returned to the class. This time only about three or four people, including Rembert, were there. A couple people were different from those of the previous day. I sat more or less in the back of the class. Wanting to read my dreams to Rembert,  I became somewhat perturbed when he began talking about something else.

When two people began playing a little radio which Rembert had, I rose and said I couldn't hear because of the radio. As I sat back down, I said, "Well, you're going to insist on playing that radio."

Rembert looked at me and said, "Well, that might not be my radio. I think you're making an illogical statement."

Rembert's words made me a little angry at first, but then I realized the radio belonged to the fellow sitting next to Rembert. I said to Rembert, "Well, I thought you were the one in charge of the class."

When Rembert still didn't say anything to the fellow playing the radio, the fellow picked up the radio and played it even louder. Finally, however, the fellow turned the radio down some.

When a tall handsome strong fellow entered the room and gave his name, Rembert immediately said, "I'd like you to meet Steve Collier."

I walked across the room and shook the fellow's hand. When Rembert said the fellow could speak Spanish, he and I exchanged a few words in Spanish. Then he said, "Glad to meet you."

He seemed a little confused as to why Rembert had introduced me and why Rembert hadn't introduced anyone else to him (the fellow). A girl in the room giggled as if that were funny. She seemed to think there was something unique about me which the fellow hadn't yet realized. She thought that was funny about being the center of attention again, I walked walked back across the room to where I had been.

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