Dream of: 18 January 1981 "Baby For Sale"

I was outside the House in Patriot. Someone living in the House had been selling some things at a sale. I began climbing a ladder up to the window to the attic. When I reached the attic window and looked inside, I saw many things which were going to be sold. I climbed into the attic. Someone had been working here with some electric wires and had left a pair of pliers and a couple other tools. A big tool box was also sitting in the attic. I thought I might buy the tools because everything was being sold so cheap. People seemed to be paying a certain price to take just about anything they wanted. The tool box was a double decker one and was filled with tools. I began gathering the tools lying around the electric wire.

I found a little box containing many brushes, the type of brushes which could be fastened to an electric motor to brush something. I dumped the brushes out on the floor. I began taking several wrenches, a channel wrench and several other tools out of the big box and putting them into my box.

I climbed back down the ladder with the box of tools. Somebody there had a little baby boy. Apparently he belonged to someone in the Swiver family who lived across the street. The person handed me the baby (probably 5-6  months old) and I held him in my arms. He stuck his fingers in his mouth and tried to stick my dirty fingers in his mouth. Dirt was under my fingernails and I didn't want to put my finger in his mouth.

Someone said the baby belonged to the Swivers, but that it was to be included in the things to be sold. If I wanted, I could take the baby.

The baby wore a red top with white diapers. I held it slung in my left arm. My sister was there and I told her to go back up to the attic and get the big tool box which I had left up there. I wanted to take it also.

As I stood on the grass holding the baby, I began seriously thinking perhaps I would take the baby, keep it and raise it like my own son. I began thinking it would be difficult if I were going to go to school because I would be unable to take care of it during the day, and I would have to hire someone to take care of it. I thought, "Well, it probably wouldn't eat much, so I could just feed it without too much trouble."

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