Dream of: 09 January 1981 "Roasted Alive"

untrue beliefs are insidious traps

I was taken prisoner by two men with guns and held in a house in Patriot, Ohio. I managed to escape and as I ran down the road, I saw Tommy Mossburger (a Gallia county farmer whom I first met in 1961 when I was eight years old) standing by the side of the road doing some work. When I asked him if I could use his phone to call the sheriff, he answered, "Sure."

I walked inside the house, called the sheriff, and told him that I had been kidnapped by two men, that I had escaped and that the men had then left. I told him the men were driving a semi-truck with a red cab and I told him which direction I thought the men had gone. I thought the sheriff might be able to catch the kidnappers if he acted swiftly.

Since I knew that two other people had also been held by the men and had left earlier, I said, "Maybe you already had a report about them."

I next found myself in a Hare Krishna temple located somewhere in the country. A celebration was taking place and many Hare Krishnas were present, but some weren't doing exactly what they should have been doing. When one of them gave me a tablet of LSD, I wondered if I should take it. Then I took it. As soon as I had swallowed it, I began looking around at the people there and realized I didn't want to stay. I felt as if I were a prisoner. I tried to leave, but they wouldn't let me.

The temple was quite large. I began walking from one room to the other trying to figure out how to leave, but all the doors were locked. Finally I found an open door and quickly slipped out, but a large Hare Krishna man who intended to stop me was standing outside. I pointed to something in the distance, and as he looked away, I kicked him in the testes. He doubled up and I took off running.

I ran across a large field which had been plowed and sown with small plants. I ran along a small woods beside the field until I finally reached Patriot again. I found myself running down the same road I had earlier run down when I had seen Tommy Mossburger, but this time I saw a Hare Krishna temple right there in Patriot, smaller than the one from which I had just escaped.

I walked into the temple, which seemed to have several rooms, but I didn't see any Hare Krishnas. I went into the front room and suddenly a Hare Krishna appeared. When I saw him, I said, "What are you doing here?"

He started walking toward me and then I saw another Hare Krishna. I then realized they were going to try to capture me. I grabbed a thick bamboo stick over two meters long and began swinging it at them trying to knock them back. I used the stick adroitly, but suddenly Hare Krishnas appeared all around me. I hit them and knocked them down with the stick as I tried to escape. Suddenly I realized it was hopeless. I began thinking, "Well, they will probably tie me in mid-air and build a fire under me and try to roast me alive."

I thought that might not be so terrible because maybe the police would come while the Hare Krishnas were doing that to me. The police would see that the Hare Krishnas were doing something bad. Then the police would go to the other temple where there were also some Hare Krishnas who wanted to leave, and the police could rescue them.

Dream Commentary of December 27, 2014

Intolerance for the beliefs of others seems to be common to some members of the Dream Journal web site in much the same way that intolerance is common to some members of organized religions. Personally, I myself find many parapsychological beliefs espoused on the Dream Journal to be intolerable to any reasonable person. Perhaps most intolerable, however, is the defense of those intolerable beliefs by personal attacks on anyone who would question those beliefs. It would seem that tolerance of intolerable beliefs is a trait which allows one, on the Dream Journal at least, to function as part of a community of different-minded members. I admit, however, that tolerance has never been my personal strong point, and that I have much to learn on that subject.

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