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Dream of: 08 January 1981 (3) "House On Fire"

As I was walking down a street, I looked at a house and noticed smoke coming out of it. I ran to the house to see if it was on fire and began banging on the door, which had metal bars on it preventing me from entering. The smoke was pouring out of the top part of the house. I ran back down and hollered to someone, "Call the fire department."

But no one would call the fire department. So I went back up to the house and this time found the front door open. A woman was now with me and together we entered the house. We went through the whole house trying to find where the fire was. There were seven or eight rooms. But we simply couldn't find the fire. Finally we went back outside and saw that no smoke was now coming from the house. I thought, "Well, I don't know what happened. There wasn't a fire but if the people come home who own this house, they will wonder what we were doing in it."

As soon as I thought that, two old women who owned the house returned home. I hollered to some other people there to call the fire department and tell them not to come because the house wasn't on fire. I then took the woman who had gone into the house with me over to the side and said, "Well, maybe we can just tell them that there was a fire and we put it out, even though there wasn't. Otherwise they'll think that we were in their house for some mischievous reason."

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