Dream of: 08 January 1981 (2) "Tidal Wave"

As my father and I were standing on a pier close to the ocean's shore, we looked out over the sea and far off on the horizon I saw some intriguing cloud formations which sometimes appeared white and sometimes black. One formation began to swirl around in a circle like a tornado. I pointed it out to my father, but he didn't seem to think it was a tornado.

I began seeing certain pictures and shapes in the clouds. Some looked like ships, although I knew it was just my imagination.

My father left. I got into the back of a parked van. My uncle George was in the front of the van. I continued looking out over the ocean and noticed to my left a gigantic tidal wave heading toward the shore. It didn't look as if the tidal wave were going to hit the section of the land where we were. I watched the huge tidal wave crash into the shore, then looked up and saw a second tidal wave heading straight toward us.

I quickly began thinking, "Well, if this tidal wave hits us, George is crippled, so he won't be able to swim. I'll have to save him."

I quickly realized, however, that I couldn't possibly save George and that if I tried, we would both drown.

Suddenly the tidal wave hit and smashed all around us. All the windows of the van were rolled up, so no water came in, but the van and the surrounding land were completely covered by water. I began thinking of things I could do. I could probably open up the door and as the water pushed in, I could swim to the surface. I thought about being up on top of the water and looking at the water all over the land. I thought I could dive down and find banks and jewelry stores. I could then break the windows of the jewelry stores and take the jewelry. I could go into the banks and take the money in them.

As I thought about that for awhile, I found I was actually holding a bag of jewels and a big wad of money in my hand. As I tried to decide what to do with the jewelry and money, the water receded from the land. I decided I should hide the loot and come back for it later, because the police might be looking for people who had taken jewelry and money. I tried to think of places where I could hide it. I had a car and I thought I could open up the trunk, take out the spare tire, let out the air and put the money and jewelry inside the tire. I could tape it so it wouldn't jangle around and then I could put the tire back in the trunk.

As I thought about it, some policemen suddenly showed up and wanted to know where the money was. I didn't have it in my hand anymore. I took them to the back of a gigantic white building which seemed like a church. I pulled open a door on the ground which led to a cellar and said, "The money is down there."

It looked rather nice and light down in the cellar. It even appeared as if it might be an underground bath, full of water. When the policemen went down, I slipped away.

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