Dream of: 08 January 1981 "Unable To Connect"

I was at the Gay Street House. It was the day after Epiphany and crowds of small children were running through the streets headed for the park. I couldn't tell exactly what was going on.

I learned my father needed to hire a girl to work for him. I knew there was a girl in Patriot who had worked for him before and I decided to call her. I had my grandfather Liston's phone number and I knew I could reach the girl by calling him. I dialed the number, but instead of Liston, someone else answered. The person said he was Luther Burnett. I knew Burnett lived about three house away from the House in Patriot. I asked him how he was and then told him I had the wrong number.

Two numbers seemed different between Burnett's number and Liston's. Burnett said I had gotten the wrong number because the lines were very busy and that the wind was probably blowing the telephone lines. I hung up and tried again. That time I reached a different person in Patriot.

That person was a man who began telling me he needed someone to talk to. But I didn't have time to talk with him and hung up.

Finally I decided to call the operator and have her put the call through for me. She told me that all the lines were busy and that she couldn't put the call through. I told her I had just made two calls and that I had gotten the wrong number even though I had dialed correctly. She told me if I wanted my money back, I would have to go to an office downtown and file an application. I said, "Well that is ridiculous. I'm not going all the way downtown and stand in line for an hour and then file an application and then maybe I would get my money back. That's ridiculous."

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