When I was confronted by my own sphinx-like manifestations in my dreams, I needed Oedipus-like intelligence to solve many of the riddles of the divinely inspired dreams in which my mother appeared. Like Oedipus, I too believed that God communicated with man. Only I believed in divine communication in dreams far more than in oracles.

Dream of: 07 January 1981 (2) "The Lord's Name"

My mother and I were in the Gallia County Farmhouse. Since it was already night, she and I were getting ready to go to bed, but just as we were about to turn in, my mother warned me that something outside the Farmhouse was frightening her. I ignored her, thinking there was nothing outside which would bother us, and my mother didn't pursue the subject. Instead, she simply left the room and went to bed. I also began preparing to go to sleep and I made a bed for myself on the floor, where I had lately taken to sleeping. No sooner had I lain down, however, than I heard a frightening noise outside the Farmhouse. I immediately stood back up, walked into the kitchen at the rear of the Farmhouse, and peered out the back window. As I gazed down the back hillside into the darkness, I could barely distinguish four faint figures playing beside the barn at the bottom of the hill. The figures resembled four children and eerily, one even looked like me. From somewhere outside, a scary voice floated in, repeating my name, "Steven ... Steven ..."

Frightened, I rushed out of the kitchen to my grandfather's gun case in the next room. I pulled out several shotguns from the case and began examining them, but I knew nothing about the guns or how to use them; I didn't even know how to load them.

Abandoning the guns, I tried to muster my courage. Curious for a better peek at the figures, I again ventured back into the kitchen, and finally even stepped out onto the back porch. I was immediately greeted by a jarring noise which swelled stronger and louder until I realized something was terribly amiss. I frantically dashed back into the kitchen, barely managing to slam the door shut behind me, just as it was forcibly besieged by a pack of attacking animals. When I caught a glimpse of one animal, which resembled a huge pig, I began shrieking, "Mother! Mother!"

My mother, awakened by my screams, jolted into the kitchen, but she didn't help me. Instead, when she saw me holding the door shut, she snarled, "You broke my God damned door!"

I was incensed by her loathsome imprecation. I seized her and threw her onto the floor. As I held her down, I explosively demanded, "What did you say?" She looked ancient and haggard, as if she might be in her 80s. I groaned, "You're going to die pretty soon and you're still taking the Lord's name in vain?"

Suddenly she realized what she had said. She had spoken without thinking. When I sensed that she regretted her words, I released my grip and let her up.

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