Dream of: 05 January 1981 (2) "Surrounded By Flutes"

Apparently I was staying in Patriot, Ohio. I was in the back seat of a car and was headed to the fair. Although a couple girls were sitting close to me in the crowded back seat, I didn't talk with them. My first cousin Alan climbed into the back seat and then the girls began talking with me.

I asked her what she did at the fair and she said she worked in a booth. She also said she had had sex with a man there. I asked her about the man and she said he was about 60 years old. I began thinking I might easily be able to take her away from the old man.

I already had my hand on her leg and I could feel her stocking underneath her pants. From the way she was talking, I inferred she liked me. But Alan said he thought she liked him and that she talked to him every time he came around. I knew Alan was already married, but he said his being married didn't matter and that he was interested in the girl.

We reached town and someone who worked in a music store (perhaps Alan) had to get out of the car. We drove the car right into the middle of the store.

Still sitting in the car, I looked around and saw all kinds of  . I also was wearing my flute tied to a string slung around my neck. But I couldn't seem to get the flute to stay on right and it kept falling over one shoulder to the side. I was also wearing my big blue coat, which bothered me.

Many other instruments were in the store, but the flutes captured my attention. I thought perhaps I should stay and investigate the flutes instead of going to the fair. I vacillated for a few minutes. Finally I asked Alan what he did after the store closed. I knew we weren't going to go to the fair until around 9 p.m., and the store closed at 5 p.m. Alan said he just stayed around and read. I told Alan I knew where the library was and I could go there and read after the store closed.

I finally decided to stay and I climbed out of the car. I began looking at the wide variety of flutes. There were large fat flutes with holes in them which could be covered with one's fingers and then there were little flutes. Some flutes were gold-colored. I picked up one big fat flute and began trying to play it. A sound came out, but not much more. It was the kind of flute which is blown into from the end.

I found a small gold-colored flute about the size of a pencil and about as long as two pencils. It was on sale for $30 dollars. I began playing it. It had the keys like a regular flute. I could get the low tones out of it and they sounded OK. But I couldn't get the high tones out. I picked up another flute which looked like a recorder. I blew into the end of it, but I was unsuccessful with it. I couldn't seem to find a regular flute, which was what I was looking for.

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