Dream of: 02 January 1981 (3) "Invited To Play Music"

I was playing my flute while sitting in the front room of the Logan Street House. My mother was in the back room of the House. I stopped playing the flute and began reading the Bible.

Someone knocked on the door. When I answered it, four women were standing there. Two were older and two were young. When I asked them for whom they were looking, they didn't seem to know. When one of the women walked in, I said, "Well, I guess you just want to come on it."

They all walked in, sat down and began talking. One said she was the mother of a girl named Sue Clark whom I had once known in Portsmouth.

I quickly found out that they were looking for someone to play the flute in a band which was going to be formed at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth. They were very polite about it. My flute was lying on the floor; obviously they wanted me to play in the band. I said, "Gee, I'd love to and if I were going to be here, I would. But I'm not going to be here much longer. I'm going to leave and go to school."

They seemed a little disappointed; after talking about it a little longer, they rose and started to leave. Just then my mother walked in, and they said to her, "Bye, Joann."

They left and my mother went with them.

Bev (my mother's friend) walked in. I was attracted to her. She said, "Well, I'm disappointed you won't be able to play music."

I said, "I am too."

I threw my arms around her, pulled her close to me and began rubbing against her. She didn't resist and let me hold her.

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