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Dream of: 02 January 1981 (2) "Headed To Law School"

I went to one of the upper floors of an office building (which also seemed like a library) in Portsmouth and stepped into a large room with many men in it busy at work. But I didn't see any chairs in the room. The floor was covered by carpet and the men were seated on it. But then I saw Marshall (a Portsmouth attorney) sitting at a desk in a corner and I went back by it.

I stretched out on the floor by the wall and began thinking and dozing at the same time. A man walked up and crowded rather close to where I was. I then noticed many men working nearby. I sat up and watched them. They weren't reading any books but were only thinking. It was all mental work and seemed to be involved with business. But the place also seemed somewhat like a library. I saw one section with magazines and saw a whole row of foreign magazines. I looked for Der Spiegel but couldn't find a copy of it. I noticed a rock and roll magazine in French and some other foreign magazines. Several volumes of a French encyclopedia were there and although I didn't see it, I thought a German encyclopedia was also there. I thought about looking up some things in the German encyclopedia.

But then I received a telephone call from Tom Smith on a phone by Marshall's desk. I began talking with Smith. I noticed a fellow sitting close to the phone seemed to be eaves dropping on what I said. But I didn't really care if anyone heard me. I asked Smith how he was. He wanted to know if I had his address. I began looking for it in my address book, which I had with me. It seemed like the area code was 513. I found the street number, but I couldn't find what state he lived in. I asked him what state he lived in, but he wouldn't tell me. He didn't seem to want me to know what his address was, although he was friendly when we talked.

But suddenly he was no longer on the phone. I said, "Tom, Tom ...," but all I could hear was a faint buzz. So I hung up.

I left the building and then called Marshall at his home on the phone. He lived somewhere out behind the Scioto County fairgrounds near Lucasville, Ohio, on the other side of the railroad tracks. I told him I was supposed to take a study course for three days before I could take a test to go to law school. I had received a letter which said I needed to bring someone along who could prove my identity. So I called up Marshall and asked him to be my witness. He said he would go.

I then boarded a van in order to go take the study course. Apparently I was going to go to Columbus and headed in the direction of Lucasville. About six other people were with me and they were also going to take the three day study course. But none of them needed any witnesses to prove who they were. Only I needed a witness. So we had to pick up Marshall. Obviously that was going to take up more time. I wished I had picked someone else instead of Marshall. I didn't want to bother him.

I wasn't exactly sure who was driving our vehicle. But one man there seemed to be in charge of the situation. The fellow who was sitting in back of me got out at Lucasville. We had to turn around and go back a ways to get to the other side of the track.

Finally I began driving, but I had a difficult time. It seemed as if the van wanted to turn over on me. The other fellows didn't know what to think about my driving. I was going very slow. It wasn't like driving a car. It was difficult to handle. After I had driven a ways, another fellow came up and took over.

When he began driving, however, it seemed as if we were on water, as if the road were made of water. I commented that it was like one of those boats which go over the swamps in Florida.

Finally the road seemed to turn back into a regular road. I saw one road diverge off to the left when we crossed the railroad tracks and I said, "Well should we take that road?"

Some said, "We could, but there is another one up here that is closer by the fairgrounds."

So we kept going and soon I could see the fairgrounds in the distance. And then I saw a little road going across the tracks and we took it. We drove on out through there a good ways. Finally we pulled up to the door of a nice house and opened the doors to the van right next to the house.

Marshall appeared and asked us if we wanted to come in. He said he could show us around the place. I said, "Well, we might as well look around."

I then noticed the Shah of Iran with us. He looked rather old and haggard as he stepped from the van. He had gray hair. First we walked around through the main floor and then we went down into a large basement. About four men were sitting there in chairs. I felt very timid. I began looking at the men and I didn't know any of them. They all looked at me intently. They were older men and were all dressed in suits.

The men were talking about me, saying that I had been in jail in Puerto Rico. The Shah of Iran asked me if I had been jailed for drugs and I tried to explain to him what had happened. I told him I had been in jail both in Puerto Rico and in Iran for smuggling cars. But I couldn't really explain it, and I didn't want to talk about it in front of all these men. I was apprehensive about my past and my having been in jail. I was afraid that might somehow hinder my going to law school. I hushed up.

I then walked up to a man who was standing at a bar in the room. He had gray hair and was wearing a brown police uniform. I recognized him as someone whom I used to know in Portsmouth. I said, "Well, you look very different."

We shook hands and he said, "Yes."

I then walked over to a green chair on the other side of the men.

Marshall was directing people around the room. A group of people arrived, among whom were some attractive, well dressed women whom I had once known in Portsmouth. They had never paid any attention to me before. But now one of them walked over and kissed me on the cheek. They were apparently impressed I was going to go to law school.

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