Dream of: 02 January 1981 "Out Of Breath"

I was staying in a room located next to a busy intersection. Another person (who at first appeared to be Steve Buckner, but who then appeared to be black) was staying with me. He was doing something and when I went to bed, I left the light on for him. I was in a big double bed, and after a while, the other fellow came and got in bed with me. I raised up and said, "Well, aren't you going to turn off the light?"

He replied, "No."

I said, "Well, you nigger. You fucking nigger."

I got up from the bed; but to turn off the light, I had to go outside to the other side of the street on the opposite corner. I just had on my undershirt and undershorts, and without putting on any more clothes, I ran across the street. I seemed to be watching myself from above as I ran. I realized I had made a mistake by not putting on any clothes and going out in public with just my underclothes on.

I ran across the street and reached the light switch. Trucks and cars were parked there, and I thought I would stand behind them for a moment until the light turned red so I could run back across the street. I saw, however, that the light was blinking red, so I ran out into the street. Then the light turned green; since no cars were coming, however, I made it safely across the first two lanes. I was completely out of breath and I didn't know whether I would even make it all the way. But finally I reached the other side.

I began thinking I hadn't been running much lately. But at least by doing this, I was jogging a little.

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