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Dream of: 30 December 1980 "Dark Indian Designs"

I was with some people in a log cabin in the woods. An encampment was about fifty meters below us. We had been living it up and making considerable noise. Apparently the people at the encampment called the forest police to come and control us. We had also been using some drugs.

Four policemen came: Altizer, an older woman, an older man and an Indian. They joined in with us. Altizer and the Indian had some cocaine which they began using. Altizer also took some LSD. I then put on the Indian's leather jacket and found some tin foil in the left pocket. Inside the tin foil was some cocaine which looked like orange tang. I got some of it on my fingers, put it in my mouth and soon began feeling its effects.

It was about 3 a.m. I began thinking it wasn't really a good time to be taking cocaine, but it felt good. I kept eating it and eating it.

We went outside where it was snowing. It was light outside even though it was late at night. The Indian began laughing and laughing. I didn't laugh, but I was amused by his conduct.

Finally the older man decided to leave us. But the Indian and Altizer were going to stay with us.

I was wearing a zip-up type sweater which zipped up from the waist to the neck. Someone came up and told me how nice it was. I said I had bought it down at the Indian encampment. I said I hadn't paid much for it. Someone asked the Indian if it was a good one and he said it was. It had dark Indian designs on it.

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