Dream of: 27 December 1980 (2) "Overnight Cafe"

I was with two women, one of whom was Elaine (who had been my supervisor when I had worked as a photographer in 1975). The three of us stopped in a little cafe on Route 23 near Lucasville, Ohio. We all sat down together and they ordered three beers. I walked away from them and sat down with someone else for a few minutes and talked with another fellow.

Carver (a former high school schoolmate) and several other fellows walked up and wanted to talk with the two women. Carver began arguing with two of the other fellows and Carver hit them both. His punches were executed so well, he looked as if he were in a movie. The two fellows backed off and then another fellow wanted to get involved in the fight. Both Carver and the other fellow were wearing braces on their teeth. They didn't hit each other, but they began arguing and swinging their arms around without actually making contact.

Meanwhile the two women and I finished our beers. I walked to the counter and ordered three more. Another fellow threw some money and apparently he was going to pay for the beer. He paid for the two beers for the women. So I just ordered one for me. The three beers were then brought to my table. I walked back and talked to the women and asked them if they were ready to go. They said they were.

Before we left, I walked over and tried to break up the argument between Carver and the other fellow. I said, "Look. If you hit each other, you might do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your dental work."

They both just laughed. They thought that was ridiculous.

We didn't leave, but spent the night there instead. I woke up the next morning sitting beside one of the girls. She was bumping into me telling me to move over because I was so close to her. When she did that, I woke up, began looking around and saw everyone still there who had been there the night before. They were sleeping in the little booths. The sun was up. I woke the girls up and we prepared to leave.

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