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Dream of: 27 December 1980 "Next To An Abby"

I had already handed in my resignation at the Benedict English School (where I had been teaching English in Puerto Rico). But then I reconsidered and decided it might be better if I continued teaching here for about three hours a day. I could use an extra $15. I thought perhaps with an extra $15 a day I could buy some new clothes. I was also thinking perhaps I could do some selling work for Benedict. But then I thought I would need some extra training for that and it didn't seem as if they had the time at the moment to train me.

I was in a stadium and had a big sack into which I had put my clothes. But I had taken all my clothes out of the sack and they now lay scattered on the bleachers around me. Apparently I was sleeping. A policeman showed up and wanted to know what I was doing here. I began trying to pick up my clothes and put them into my sack. Suddenly he said, "Sit up straight."

He seemed to want me to sit as if I were at attention like a soldier. I did so. He told me to keep staring. I did so and suddenly I shook. He looked right in my eye and said, "Your problem is that you're an alcoholic."

I asked, "Well, is there anything that can help me?"

I told him I didn't have anywhere to stay. He told me to gather up my belongings and that he was going to take me to a place where alcoholics stayed. I asked, "Well, will it be safe there to sleep?"

He said it would be safe to sleep there and that it was next door to an abbey.

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