Dream of: 26 December 1980 "Picking Up A Penny"

As some other fellows and I were doing some difficult manual labor, one fellow told me he was going to smoke a marijuana joint; he asked me if I wanted to smoke with him. I told him I would meet him soon. I had decided not to smoke anymore, but I decided to go with him anyway.

I was wearing my jogging shorts and shirt. I climbed on a bicycle and began riding. I stopped at a bank and walked in to get a drink of water. When I saw Shaw (a former junior high schoolmate) working as a teller, I smiled and said to him, "Hello."

I wanted to talk with him and tell him I was going to start to law school, but his window was crowded and I was in a hurry, so I left.

Outside, I saw a girl who looked like a girl who used to live in the German House (a house in Columbus, Ohio where I had lived for a few months in 1976). I said hello to her and she told me her name was Milly. I asked her how she was doing.

I walked on down the street and saw the fellow with whom I was supposed to smoke the joint. I told him I had decided I didn't want to smoke.

I saw a penny lying on the sidewalk, picked it up and walked away.

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