Dream of: 23 December 1980 "Lesson In A Church"


of confusion requires

focus of one's mind

In Puerto Rico, wearing a blue corduroy sports jacket which I used to own, I walked into the back of a church where I found myself standing on a stage in an auditorium. A couple people were sitting to the right of the stage and one person was being taught English. I watched as a series of three different teachers came along and taught the person. The first teacher didn't do a very good job, but the last male teacher did an excellent job of teaching. Dressed rather elegantly, he had graying hair and looked as if he might have been around 60 years old. He seemed to have a refined way of doing things and as I watched him, I thought how much he seemed to resemble myself. I thought, "That might be me when I'm an old man. I might be reduced to teaching again someday."

After I walked back to a more elevated platform at the back of the stage and sat down, another person began teaching English to a little group of people which included an attractive girl. She left the group, walked to the back of the stage, and sat down to my right, about a meter away.

One of the teachers asked me to turn up a tape player lying on the floor and being used in the English lessons. After I stood up to turn up the tape player, however, a priest abruptly came walking down the stairs and said that things were getting a little noisy. He said to turn the tape player down. While I was uncertain what to do, the teacher himself walked over and turned up the tape player.

When I sat back down, I sat right next to the girl. Since I could tell that she was attracted to me, I put my arm around her, snuggled up close to her and said, "Well, how long have you been down here?"

She answered, "About two and a half years."

She said she had come down to Puerto Rico with Brian Morris (an acquaintance whom I met folk dancing at a church in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1977). I asked, "You came down with Brian?"

Suddenly I realized that Brian Morris was the teacher who had turned up the tape player. I said, "That's impossible. I just saw him about three months ago in Portsmouth."

When she said that Brian had been there in Puerto Rico all that time, I began thinking, "Are there two Brian Morrises?"

Apparently she had been living with Brian, whom I then saw walking near us. It bothered me that I had my arm around the girl in front of Brian, but I thought, "Well, maybe I'll just take her away from Brian."

I was also thinking I would have to talk with Brian to find out when he had actually arrived in Puerto Rico. I thought I would also ask him if he now spoke Spanish.

Dream Journal Commentary of December 20, 2014

A "stage inside a church" appears for the second time chronologically in my written church-dreams.  In my present state of mind, the church-stage seems to be connected with the entertaining publication of play-like dreams. Thirty-four years ago I did not foresee that I would one day publish my dreams on someplace like the Dream Journal web site, nor did I foresee that I might weave together the characters of certain dream-journalists from the Dream Journal into my dreams like the characters of a play. It would appear that the church-stage has waited a long time for those dream-journalist characters - without even knowing what it was waiting for.

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